How to be an Effective Content Writer?

Blogs are everywhere, as well as marketing companies that hire talented writers to work on their respected websites. This is the reason behind the sudden rise in popularity of content writing. Everything you see on blogs, government websites, advertisements, and internet campaigns are all written by a content writer. These writers help improve the website of a specific company and improve its online visibility through their written contents.

A web content writer is the shadow behind every marketing success. Web content writers aim to communicate to the world and introduce what the company has to offer. Transactions result from effective communication that all started from valuable and high quality web content, though there are instances wherein one doubts his own writing skills and thinks if his written contents are really effective. This is one of the dillemas faced by writers, but whenever you are in doubt, remember that there are several ways for you to improve your contents and make them look flawless:

1. Write a captivating headline

Let’s face it, the headlines are the first and may be the only hope for people to read your content. Without a captivating headline, there’s a 90% probability that no one will click on your copy. It is the sad truth any writer must face. Also, use subheadings to improve the readability of your contents. Readers like to scan details, instead of reading the whole article so subheadings offer great help in retaining the interest of visitors.

2. Use accurate information

Content WriterAccurate information and facts are the foundation of your content, not the flowery adjectives. Use them precisely and add supplementary information that are appropriate to your topic. As a content writer, you must do your research well and make sure that all the information you include in your articles are highly accurate.

3. Do not provide vauge information

Be relevant. Do not focus on cold facts that won’t matter on the flow of your article and indistinct statements that will only confuse your readers. Relevance is one of the most powerful keys in making contents more effective, so do not include anything that does not make any sense. It will just ruin the significance of writing on the spot.

4. Build a voice

As an online writer, you are the voice of your company on the web. To build your company’s credibility, you must also build up yourself. Create a unique voice and learn how your company works, their goals and visions. Moreover, learn how to have faith in your own writing skills.

5. Use conversational tone

Do not bore your readers and turn them off by being so cold on your writing. Try to write in a different manner, most likely in a conversational style. Write as if you are talking to someone. In this way, the readers will sense a friendly atmosphere and it can help make your contents more engaging. Likewise, it can make your tone more fun and plausible.

Another tip is to always write using the active voice, instead of the passive voice. This will improve the conciseness, strength and quality of your contents.

6. Optimize your content

You are probably familiar with SEO (Search Engine Optimization) since this plays a major role in improving the online visibility of your website. If you don’t implement the best SEO techniques, your writing won’t be able to reach your target market. A good optimized content contains brief paragraphs, bullets, and powerful headings and subheadings that contain relevant keywords.

7. Revise, edit, revise, edit

Revise and edit your craft over and over again. Both activities are time-consuming, but trust me, they are necessary in most cases. Not searching for any grammatical errors, punctuations, and spelling is one of the mistakes online writers does, so learn to take time and be your own editor. Seek help from other editors, too. Your perspective is different from others and it is certain that they will find something you didn’t notice before.

8. Polish!

After constant editing, you may see no flaws in your work and you can be sure that it is enough. However, you have to keep in mind that no one is perfect, and this is also applicable in writing. Learn how to polish your own work and seek for rough patches that are still present in your content. That way, you will have a hundred percent assurance that your writings are high in quality.

9. Be Simple

As a content writer, you are not just writing for the business, but for the audience as well. Choose the right words and make it simple since it is your duty to communicate and hook potential visitors who will regularly visit your site.

10. Make your mark

Lastly, make your writings shine and let the visitors leave with the content of your articles staying in their minds.

A website’s content is more powerful than its design and layouts, and it is the job of a web writer to help a company achieve its goals. With the help of a good content, you can build a brand, increase traffic, and help a business achieve success.To know more about effective content writer visit 99centarticles.  A content writer can make effective branding happen. If you are a good writer, then you are an asset of a promising company.

All you need to know about custom lanyards

lanyardsPersonalized or customized items are the new trend. Customized items come in almost any form. The most common ones are customized shirts, caps, mugs, tumblers, and lanyards. The latter are among the most used and needed by companies as well as used by common people. Lanyards are basically cords attached to a hook and worn around the neck. They are widely used to hold IDs, keys, systems access and accessories.

Why use custom lanyards?

The usability a lanyard is perhaps the primary reason why it is widely ordered by companies and thus, being mass produced by many customized specialty stores. These custom cords can also be a necessity. In many cases, it is required for employees and students to wear their IDs. Aside from ID holders, this customizable item can also be used as promotional marketing for businesses. It can also be given as giveaways in many events like parties, wedding or company events.

What are the types of lanyards?

There are certain types of lanyard. These types can be categorized according to three general things: size, type of cord, and type of hook.


Basically, there are two sizes of lanyard. The one is the regular-sized worn around the neck. The other one is the small one worn around the wrist. However the size can be adjusted especially if it is custom made. The size is normally for the width of the lanyard. It comes in inches, from ¾ inches to as wide as one inch.

Cord type

The cord is the main material of the lanyard. It comes in various types. There is the polyester, woven, nylon, tubular, and cord lanyard. The material type is also where the design is printed. The print may differ depending on the customer’s choice. For instance, if it is the woven type, the design or text that you want would be woven like embroidery.

Hook type

There are over a dozen types of hooks used in customized lanyard. Some of the widely used are the thumb hook, plastic hook, key ring, oval hook, cell hook and swivel and no swivel hook among others. Usually, the hook is chosen depending on the usage of the lanyard whether it will be worn for IDs, keys, or accessories.


Other thing that varies the type of the lanyard include the color and of course, the design. There are countless colors to choose from. In many customized shops, you can choose the color you want. It definitely depends on the customer. These cords may also differ in the additional features they have. Because they’re customizable, customer considerations are most likely taken. Some feature include the disconnect buckle and safety breakaway.

How much is a customized lanyard?

Pricing depends on the customized store you choose to buy from. It will also depend on the design, style, size and materials of the item. But basically, a lanyard costs less when it is ordered by bulk. You can actually get it at less than a dollar if bought for half a thousand or thousands quantity. Moreover, for bulk orders, you can simply get a free quotation from the supplier. Some online sites also provide their pricing range.

Where can you get these customizable items?

One thing is certain on where you can get customized lanyards. This is the Internet. Specialty shops for personalized or customized items are widely spread online. You can simply place an order and get them instantly, right on your doorstep. If you have a design of your own, you can already have yours made. Otherwise, you can pick among the available lanyard options in the customize shop. Normally, there are already designs or templates you can choose from. If you have additional features or style, it can usually be negotiated.

Aside from the Internet, there are also local shops that offer customized items. The ones you find in the Internet usually have their actual branch which you can check if you want an actual visit.

What are Depository Safes?

safeA depository safe, also called a drop safe or drop box, is a type of safe designed to allow items to be dropped and kept inside the box until it is opened with a key or a combination.There are safety features that prevent the items from being taken out of the box through the slot.The construction of the safe is such that it cannot be tampered with or destroyed by ordinary tools.

Any commercial establishment that needs to secure cash or documents from theft or dishonest employees – such as convenience stores, restaurants, retailing shops, small offices, etc. – will greatly benefit from this kind of safe. They are ideal for businesses where employees and customers routinely handle money.

They can also be used at home, to keep important stuff like currencies, jewelry, and personal document slocked and protected.Although most them are not fireproof and are usually light enough for a person or two to carry, they are still very in demand because they are more manageable and easier to use than bigger and heavier safes.

To fix the weight issue, some versions come with four holes in the bottom for bolting to the ground.This will keep the safe fixed so that burglars will not carry them away easily. Some prefer to anchor them, while others do not, depending on what specific purpose the safe will serve.

The number one function of depository safes is to temporarily store cash that are intended to be deposited to the bank on a later schedule.This kind of safe is ideal for that objective because anybody can deposit or drop money through the slot with the owner not having to unlock it or reveal its security code to someone.This feature keeps money secure and inaccessible even when other people are using the safe while there’s no one around to guard it.

Because depository safes are generally for short term protection only, it is therefore necessary for business owners to still have good cash management. Ensure that you are making nightly bank deposits so that large amounts of money don’t remain in the safe overnight.

Depository safes come in various sizes, slots, and locks that you can consider as determined by your needs.Look for those with slots that are protected by rows of shark-like teeth. These teeth prevent anyone from trying to fish money out using a wire with stickers on the tip or to reach inside with their fingers.Also check the construction and rating of the safe.Commonly, they have a class “B” security rating, which means a minimum thickness of 1/8 inches in the body and a half inch thick door is made.

The price range usually vary in proportion to the size of the equipment. You may select a single door that can be set under a counter, double doors that can hold cash trays in one compartment and deposits in another, or multiple doors to resolve multiple requirements.

There are also different kinds of slots to choose from. The most common one is the front loading slot, while rear loading and top loading slots are also available.

Several types of locks exist in the market as well. There are combination locks, electronic key pads, dual-key locks, and others that are designed specifically for your needs.

In today’s progressive society, keeping your valuables secure has become a necessity. Whether in your business or at home, having depository safes can be one of the best investments you can make.

There may be a lot of options to protect your cash and valuables that offers better safekeeping, but it’s always better to have more than one level of security measure for your most important possessions. With this amount of protection, you can spend more time in making customers happy and less time managing and worrying about the money.