All you need to know about custom lanyards

LanyardsPersonalized or customized items are the new trend. Customized items come in almost any form. The most common ones are customized shirts, caps, mugs, tumblers, and lanyards. The latter are among the most used and needed by companies as well as used by common people. Lanyards are basically cords attached to a hook and worn around the neck. They are widely used to hold IDs, keys, systems access and accessories.

Why use custom lanyards?

The usability a lanyard is perhaps the primary reason why it is widely ordered by companies and thus, being mass produced by many customized specialty stores. These custom cords can also be a necessity. In many cases, it is required for employees and students to wear their IDs. Aside from ID holders, this customizable item can also be used as promotional marketing for businesses. It can also be given as giveaways in many events like parties, wedding or company events.

What are the types of lanyards?

There are certain types of lanyard. These types can be categorized according to three general things: size, type of cord, and type of hook.


Basically, there are two sizes of lanyard. The one is the regular-sized worn around the neck. The other one is the small one worn around the wrist. However the size can be adjusted especially if it is custom made. The size is normally for the width of the lanyard. It comes in inches, from ¾ inches to as wide as one inch.

Cord type

The cord is the main material of the lanyard. It comes in various types. There is the polyester, woven, nylon, tubular, and cord lanyard. The material type is also where the design is printed. The print may differ depending on the customer’s choice. For instance, if it is the woven type, the design or text that you want would be woven like embroidery.

Hook type

There are over a dozen types of hooks used in customized lanyard. Some of the widely used are the thumb hook, plastic hook, key ring, oval hook, cell hook and swivel and no swivel hook among others. Usually, the hook is chosen depending on the usage of the lanyard whether it will be worn for IDs, keys, or accessories.


Other thing that varies the type of the lanyard include the color and of course, the design. There are countless colors to choose from. In many customized shops, you can choose the color you want. It definitely depends on the customer. These cords may also differ in the additional features they have. Because they’re customizable, customer considerations are most likely taken. Some feature include the disconnect buckle and safety breakaway.

How much is a customized lanyard?

Pricing depends on the customized store you choose to buy from. It will also depend on the design, style, size and materials of the item. But basically, a lanyard costs less when it is ordered by bulk. You can actually get it at less than a dollar if bought for half a thousand or thousands quantity. Moreover, for bulk orders, you can simply get a free quotation from the supplier. Some online sites also provide their pricing range.

Where can you get these customizable items?

One thing is certain on where you can get customized lanyards. This is the Internet. Specialty shops for personalized or customized items are widely spread online. You can simply place an order and get them instantly, right on your doorstep. If you have a design of your own, you can already have yours made. Otherwise, you can pick among the available lanyard options in the customize shop. Normally, there are already designs or templates you can choose from. If you have additional features or style, it can usually be negotiated.

Aside from the Internet, there are also local shops that offer customized items. The ones you find in the Internet usually have their actual branch which you can check if you want an actual visit.