Essentials of Social Media Optimization

Social Media Optimization (SMO) is the next phase of online marketing, a relatively new concept in the industry. Companies should be able to maximize search engine optimization (SEO) strategies partnered with a solid SMO plan. A combined solid strategy from these two internet marketing elements will address two main goals: optimum online visibility and vibrant customer interaction.

There are internet marketing companies who can help your business come up with strategic plans to reach your goals. For instance, offers a whole array of internet marketing services, including social media optimization, search engine optimization, content writing, and others. The main goal of is to assist companies and create a marketing plan for their website and reach their online marketing goals.

Goals of SMO

Social media is an effective platform and a great asset to improve the company’s organic search results. It allows the company to connect with various social media users, thus increasing the likelihood of people to visit the company website. However, it has to be used properly.

SmoThe main goal of SMO is to be able to connect all the social media accounts of a company into a network of accounts that show cohesiveness and all work together to showcase your brand. What SMO consultants such as do is to create a strategic plan specifically outlining a process that will build a successful SMO base.

A good SMO foundation in turn boosts SEO and results in more visitors and potential customers that will go to your business page.

Just as SEO promotes link building, SMO promotes share-building and like-building on Facebook, re-tweeting on Twitter, repining on Pinterest, and sharing on LinkedIn. Website content should be shareable. It should focus not only on industry practices but also other content that your target market is interested in, or content that effectively reeled in potential customers in the past. Therefore high-quality content is really valuable in SMO.

Strategies for Effective SMO

What strategies do internet-marketing companies such as do in order to increase the reach of your brand’s social media content? Here are some sure-fire strategies:

1. Optimize social media profiles

Your company’s social media profile is the only permanent part of your social media page. Posts, tweets, pins, and images are all static. The only part that remains in your profile is the information page. That’s why it is crucial to include the company’s website URL, and completing all the fields in the profile, such as company address, contact details, and email addresses.

2. Remember that headlines are very important

Attention-grabbing headlines are a crucial part of social networking posts. What does this mean? For Twitter, the headline could be the entire 140 characters, while for Facebook shares it could be the title of the post itself.

3. Remember to put engaging images

In a recently conducted survey, it was found out that 82% of online marketing consultants mentioned that images are very important, and form a crucial role in social media marketing. This is especially true for product-based businesses.

Social NetworkingAt, we give our clients advice on what type of images to place on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Instagram, and all other social networking sites. It helps if the image is funny, engaging, and interesting. There should be images for promoting an event or sale, or even an industry infographic.

4. Include strong calls to action (CTAs)

Calls to action or CTAs are used as a marketing term that tells your readers what you want them to do next. Readers want to be engaged and involved. They want to be part of your brand. It could be something as simple as “Please share”, or “Please repost”, or even “Please re-tweet.”

5. Use hashtags

Hashtags are used so that users who are searching for a particular topic can easily find it amidst all the information given on social media. Brands use several keywords in their hashtags that would allow searchers to immediately access your social media posts.

Social Media Trends

Businesses are recognizing that many consumers today spend a whole amount of time on social media. These platforms are becoming credible sources of information, thus posts and tweets seen on social media accounts heavily influence purchasing decisions.

Here are some social media trends that business owners must be aware of:

1. Live Streaming –

Offers real-time opportunities for engagement and feedback with customers. Consumers are not comfortable with contrived advertising, and feel more comfortable purchasing products when they see “real people” using them. Facebook and Twitter both offer live streaming services.

2. Mobile Integration –

Businesses should ensure that their websites are ready for mobile users. Make sure that your websites re-size and adjust to mobile devices. There is nothing worse than looking at a traditional website that does not adjust on your mobile device. Responsive web design is the term for mobile reconfiguration. Your website developer should be able to help you with this.

3. Social Commerce –

There are many social media influences, and shoppers trust them fully. Many shoppers rely on social media to make purchasing decisions. When the product is shared by your trusted network, it creates a natural demand for that product. This is social word-of-mouth. offers a search engine optimization, online marketing, social media optimization and many more services. It helps companies for creating marketing campaign and reach their goal.